Looking for a modular building solution that can grow with your company? FlexPlex is the answer.

Our exclusive FlexPlex modular building segments slide together like building blocks, allowing infinite options for arranging them. While your foundation is being prepared, the FlexPlex units are customized to your specifications in our factory. Construction time is greatly reduced versus traditional construction methods.

Flexibility is Key

Unlike traditional building methods, FlexPlex offers customization after everything is installed. In two years, when you outgrow your current building, don’t go looking for another place to work. Simply add more FlexPlex units!

FlexPlex starts as a series of smaller units attached together. When your needs change, more units can be added to suit. Or we can customize the interior to accommodate new work arrangements and new equipment. With FlexPlex, you are never left with a static building.

Watch the short video below to learn more about this unique concept in building solutions.

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