Energy efficient portable office

Jobsite integrity can be challenging particularly construction jobsites, where excavation, debris, materials and noise contribute to a negative work environment.

Mobile offices provide contractors with a sustainable cost and energy efficient solution.
Here are a few customizations made to a construction jobsite mobile office that will save energy and keep overhead costs down:

  • Switch out light bulbs. Change all the light bulbs to low wattage, compact fluorescent or LED versions. Updating the light fixtures to eco-friendly models helps save energy, too.
  • Seal holes and cracks. Inspect the office for cracks where air can leak out — pay special attention to the roof, windows and door frames. Use weatherstripping or a sealant on cracks. Energy-efficient window replacements may be installed, as well.
  • Keep out the sun. Apply solar film or install solar shades to reduce UV glare and indoor temperature. In turn, cooling costs will decrease.
  • Apply solar-reflective paint. Another way to ward off heat and cool down the interior is to coat the trailer’s siding and skirting with solar-reflective paint.
  • Use low-flow fixtures. For construction trailers with bathroom and kitchen facilities, install low-flow toilets, faucets and appliances to reduce water consumption.

Put these energy-saving ideas into practice and you’ll notice a difference in your utility bill. Supplement the efforts put into creating an energy-efficient construction trailer by recycling old, unused materials.