What is the delivery process?

Storage containers are delivered on a tilt-bed truck and trailer. Plan the container delivery out in advance so you are prepared when it arrives. When planning a delivery to your property, there are a few key site preparation factors to consider.

Level the Site

Whether renting or buying a storage container, planning the delivery site is important. Particularly if the container is to be on site for 5-6 months or longer. The site where the container is to rest must be level. You do not want the container to begin leaning to one side. This will cause what is known as “racking” or falling out of square. This may cause difficulty in opening doors, as well as content instability or shifting.

Allow enough room for the delivery

The delivery area will need to be clear of obstructions. The amount of space needed for delivery (and pickup) will be roughly twice that of the length of the container, to allow the truck to pull out from under the container freely.

Designate an on-site contact for the driver. This helps when the driver arrives at the location and the site may be blocked or otherwise not prepared for the delivery.

Our experienced drivers deliver your heavy-duty steel secure, weather tight container directly to your site. Standard portable storage units are available in 20′ and 40′ lengths, easy-access single or double door options with a variety of sizes available for immediate delivery. Width and height adjustable storage unit shelving systems provide more customized storage.

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