Helping Customers

Helping customers is the central focus of our business. We exist because of our customers. We stay focused by listening to the needs of our customers. Our customers are on a budget and time schedule, so we work diligently to deliver the best available product within budget.

Close Relationships

McDonald Modular works to maintain close relationships with our loyal customers. People are the strength of our company. We maintain our success through involvement, teamwork, and professionalism. With years of experience in modular building and design, our employees bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in construction, engineering and logistics. They also bring warmth and a genuine desire to do the best job possible. Our customers appreciate the communication and relationships that we create and maintain.


Our dedication to providing quality products and services to the customer enables us to be the best choice for office, storage and modular space. The flexibility of our modular buildings enables us to design exactly what is needed at an affordable price.

Our service department and state-of-the-art service facility provide customers with the best service, delivery and installation in the industry. Each unit delivered from McDonald Modular Solutions undergoes a 26-point inspection, guided by ISO 9001 quality procedures, ensuring a quality building that will stand the test of time.


McDonald Modular Solutions has been around since 1932. Our solid reputation, established over many decades, continues by doing the right thing and standing behind our products and services. It is important that our customers understand our dedication to them and the success of their projects. Our LEED Accredited Professionals have skills that exceed industry expectations and standards. Our employees are active in business associations and professional development programs that further their knowledge of the business. Finally, our employees enjoy what they do and work to provide the best experience for all of our customers.

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